Collecting Payment Effectively

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Every payment, if not handled or managed properly, has every chance to turn into a bad debt. When payment becomes bad debts, it tarnish relationships, breaks potential business opportunities and will even make a business insolvent.

This 1 day course aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to-

  1. Fundamental skills to identify different debtors and their payment characteristics
  2. Understand the payment collect process
  3. Formulate strategies and roadmap of actions particular to different industry’s needs
  4. Checklist of different actions to handle every step of the collection process to ensure every payment is collected in on time or earlier.



Who should attend?

People who are/has

  • Owners or stakeholders of a company
  • Responsible to chase all the receivables
  • A new post/duties to ensure that the company remains solvent
  • Wearing multiple hats of duties and payment collection is one of them
  • New to payment collection
  • In need of a refresher course to payment collection
  • Keen to learn new skills which are vita of life’s survival

More Details

Cost of Course = S$500 (which can be totally offset by individual SkillsFuture credit for Singaporeans)

*For corporate with a minimum of 3 attendees, kindly email to for more details

Dates of Course – 5/10/18

Time – 9.30am to 5.30pm

Venue – Newton International College

1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #06-15, Singapore 228149

Contact Details

Telephone – (65) 6332 7878 / 9138 7601

Email -

Course Developer cum Trainer

Name of Trainer – Rita Yong

Rita is the owner of a business consultancy firm. For the last 12 years, she has been involved in helping many SMEs in areas of franchising, HR, IP, risk mitigation, credit management, formulate risk management strategies, payment advisory, value chain analysis, work process re-engineering, overseas expansion, etc.

Her qualifications involve-

  • Practising Management Consultant(PMC, PMC-HR) from Singapore PMC Pte Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Manufacturing Federation(SMF). She is currently an external mentor involved in the PCP mentoring programme for SMEs with SMF.
  • ISO 9001:2015 auditor
  • CPA UK representative to manage the National Audit Office of China

Companies she has served include Deutsche Bank, Rabo Bank, MINDEF, Sentosa Corp, , Houseworks, Webpuppies, just to name a few

Sports Nutritionist


This course will train individuals in the science of exercise and sports and nutritional science. By the end of the course, students should have a well rounded knowledge of nutrition as well as a special knowledge of sports nutrition. This will lead to possible employment in both fields: sports exercise and nutrition.

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire further knowledge and understanding of the science of human nutrition as it relates to exercise physiology, metabolism and sport performance
  2. Examine the scientific basis and rationale for current nutrition recommendations for athletes & non athletes
  3. Explain the potential role of specific dietary supplements/ergogenic aids in optimizing physical performance and evaluate their usefulness and safety
  4. Gain an awareness of the health issues and dietary challenges of athletes
  5. Apply acquired knowledge to identify and evaluate dietary strategies for enhancing sport performance in terms of health & safety.

Topic covered

  1. Basic nutrition and training principles, sports nutrition guidelines.
  2. Evaluating Scientific Evidence
  3. Energy and muscle basic
  4. Energy systems and exercise
  5. Discussion of Assignment
  6. Energy source (simple & complex carbs)
  7. Building blocks (proteins & aminos acid)
  8. Different types of fats
  9. Body types & compositions
  10. Different between anaerobic & aerobics
  11. 3 types muscle types
  12. Evaluation techniques
  13. Coaching & mentoring
  14. Supplementation


75% MCQ & 1 assignments

The trainer

Dr Zul holds a PhD in Healthcare management & another PHD in Sports Management. He is a Sports Nutritionist from IFPA & certified ASCA first level.

Humanities Specialist

Humanities Specialist

“ I teach Social Studies and History students (life)skills to do well not only in their academic subjects but in life as well.”

This is the brainchild of Vincent Xavier Low, an NIE-trained teacher in History and English. He holds a BA degree from NUS and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Credit). He has taught Social Studies, History and English in leading educational institutions like Tanjong Katong Girls School, Montfort Secondary School and St Patrick’s School. He is also an adjunct lecturer in Singapore Polytechnic Business School teaching modules in Service Quality Management, MICE, Airlines Services Management. He has also taught integrated marketing communications in Nanyang Polytechnic School of Business previously. He recently joined his long time friend, Mani, the Chairman of Newton International College to manage the academic department for the GCE N, O and A level subjects. He focuses on ‘How’ to study and not ‘What’ to study as he feels teaching students skills is the way to go for students to cope meaningfully with learning strategies such as the inquiry approach to learning.

Alex Ong

Mathematics Specialist

“Mathematic is a fascinating subject which equip students with an analytical and inquring mind to tackle challenges from many angles”

Alex is an NIE trained teacher in Mathematics and Physics. He has been a tutor for some 12 years. He has the ability to simplify difficult Mathematical concepts and teach students in a systematic way so they are able to solve even challenging questions. He was the top student of his Secondary School and his passion for Mathematics has rubbed off his many students; many of whom are from leading schools such as ACS, St Patrick’s and Montfort Secondary Schools. He has teamed up with his NIE friend, Vince, to teach focus on teaching students skills and imbue in them the love for learning.


Day/Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
10 -11am

Lunch Break

2 – 3pm
3 – 4pm

Tea Break

4.30 – 5.30pm SS AM
5.30 – 6.30pm Hist

Dinner Break

7. 30 – 8.30pm Physics EM Chem AM Physics SS EM Chem SS AM SS EM
8.30 – 9.30pm Geog Hist Hist



LS – Lower Sec

US –Upper Sec

Executive Training Programmes (ETP)

Academicians and business leaders alike recognise that in order to be successful, executives need to develop technical, human relations and conceptual skills. Learning has become a never-ending process for executives. The Newton International College’s ETP offers companies continual professional development with our unique value proposition of unbeatable global knowledge matched with world-class business management learning. The idea is to give executives exposure to as many different experiences and environments as possible. Our Short Courses and Custom Programmes have assisted more than 30 organisations and more than 500 executives from Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam in developing business leadership skills for today and the future.

Short Courses

Strategic Pricing for Profit

Customers are a company’s largest source of cash flow. To be successful at growing their customer base, companies need to go beyond marketing communication and focus on marketing strategy. The rapidly changing consumption landscape and market challenges in Asia have presented a great opportunity for companies aiming to generate a competitive advantage via strategic pricing. This course provides an in-depth, pragmatic, and cross-functional study of the role of pricing in creating companies’ competitive advantage. You will learn how to understand and articulate a marketing strategy plan that is based on customer value. You will also learn how to capture customer-value and profit through strategic pricing, communicate customer value, measure customer value, and then define value for new products and technology. Each class will use lectures, cases, and in-depth discussions to deliver the concepts.

Who Should Attend
The course is essential for executives who are responsible for designing, implementing, or evaluating pricing strategy in an organisation. This course also will benefit those who want to improve their strategic marketing skills beyond the communication and branding function.

Length of Course
2 days

Learning Objectives
Understand how to analyse and develop pricing strategies based on customer value perceptions Understand the psychological impact of pricing on customer judgments and behaviours Learn how to improve customer value Gain the knowledge in designing smart price promotions that boost sales without eroding brand equity Learn how to respond intelligently to price competition and the forces of commoditization

Course Fee

Business Model Innovation

This course will focus on understanding the concept of business model innovation, and provide a framework to identify and implement new business models to create sustainable competitive advantage. Case study examples and group breakout sessions are used to illustrate the role of innovation in managing business models in various industries.

Who Should Attend
This one-day course designed for senior and middle managers, including business owners, chief executive officers, directors and heads of division/research, who are responsible for developing or implementing strategic decision making at both business unit and firm level.

Length of Course
1 day

Learning Objectives
Understand and apply the concept of the business model and business model innovation Evaluate an organisation by describing and assessing its business model Manage the business model through innovative and strategic alternatives for competitive advantage

Course Fee

Custom Programmes

Custom Programmes have been designed to meet the specific needs of a group of managers from the same company or group of companies. Whether your organisation is striving to adapt to shifting markets, new competitors, demanding customers, or other strategic challenges, we can partner with you to develop a customised program that strengthens executive leadership capacity and drives organisational performance. Each programme we design is different; it is unique to your organisation and your particular challenges. It is carefully crafted to meet your objectives and is designed to transform the thinking and behaviour of participants to accelerate and drive effective change.

Process of Custom Programmes Development:

Phase 1: Training Needs Analysis
Phase 2: Design and Deliver
Phase 3: Evaluate

Introduction to Stata: Data Management & Analysis

Course Sypnosis:

This 12-hour intensive workshop covers all aspects of data management, analysis and basic programming with Stata 12.0 (, one of the most popular multi-purpose statistical software packages that is highly valued by professionals in the healthcare and financial sectors. Participants are also expected to become familiar with many modern statistical methods relevant for economic, social and biomedical research. The course is developed and presented by Stata Users Group (Singapore) and the fees include a perpetual licence of Stata 12.0. Being registered users the participants are able to access to the rich learning resources of Stata and become part of the growing users community. No prior knowledge of Stata and statistical analysis is required. Newton International College is the exclusive partner of Stata Users Group (Singapore), the very first state-registered Stata users organization in the world. The software is delivered by Columbia CP (, the only authorized Stata distributor in Singapore.




Dr SP Chan
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Statistics (equivalent to Associate Professor in U.S. universities)
La Trobe University
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