Collecting Payment Effectively

This is a SSG approved Course & Skills Future Credit Eligible!


Every payment, if not handled or managed properly, has every chance to turn into a BAD DEBT. When payment becomes bad debts, it tarnish relationships, breaks potential business opportunities and will even make a business insolvent.

This 1 day course aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills to achieve the following-

  1. Acquire fundamental skills to identify different debtors and their payment characteristics
  2. Understand the payment collecting process
  3. Formulate strategies and road map of various actions for different industry’s needs
  4. Checklist of different actions to handle every step of the collection process to ensure every payment is collected in on time or earlier.



*Light Refreshments will be served during morning & afternoon break during lesson day

Who should attend?

People who are/has

  • Owners or stakeholders of a company
  • Staff who are responsible to chase all the owed receivables
  • A new post/duties to ensure that the company remains solvent
  • Wearing multiple hats of duties and payment collection is one of them
  • New to payment collection
  • In need of a refresher course to payment collection
  • Keen to learn new skills which are vital & relelant for industry’s needs

More Details

Cost of Course : S$500 (Individuals can use their SkillsFuture credit for Singaporeans)

*For corporate with a minimum of 3 attendees, kindly email to for discounted rates

Dates of Course – 19/01/19

Time – 9am to 5.30pm

Venue – Newton International College

1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #06-15, Singapore 228149

Contact Details

Telephone – (65) 9138 7601

Email -

Course Developer cum Trainer

Name of Trainer – Rita Yong

Rita is the owner of a business consultancy firm. For the last 12 years, she has been involved in helping many SMEs in areas of franchising, HR, IP, risk mitigation, credit management, formulate risk management strategies, payment advisory, value chain analysis, work process re-engineering, overseas expansion, etc.

Her qualifications involve-

  • Practising Management Consultant(PMC, PMC-HR) from Singapore PMC Pte Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore Manufacturing Federation(SMF). She is currently an external mentor involved in the PCP mentoring programme for SMEs with SMF.
  • ISO 9001:2015 auditor
  • CPA UK representative to manage the National Audit Office of China

Companies she has served include Deutsche Bank, Rabo Bank, MINDEF, Sentosa Corp, , Houseworks, Webpuppies, just to name a few

Sports Nutritionist


This course will train individuals in the science of exercise and sports and nutritional science. By the end of the course, students should have a well rounded knowledge of nutrition as well as a special knowledge of sports nutrition. This will lead to possible employment in both fields: sports exercise and nutrition.

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire further knowledge and understanding of the science of human nutrition as it relates to exercise physiology, metabolism and sport performance
  2. Examine the scientific basis and rationale for current nutrition recommendations for athletes & non athletes
  3. Explain the potential role of specific dietary supplements/ergogenic aids in optimizing physical performance and evaluate their usefulness and safety
  4. Gain an awareness of the health issues and dietary challenges of athletes
  5. Apply acquired knowledge to identify and evaluate dietary strategies for enhancing sport performance in terms of health & safety.

Topic covered

  1. Basic nutrition and training principles, sports nutrition guidelines.
  2. Evaluating Scientific Evidence
  3. Energy and muscle basic
  4. Energy systems and exercise
  5. Discussion of Assignment
  6. Energy source (simple & complex carbs)
  7. Building blocks (proteins & aminos acid)
  8. Different types of fats
  9. Body types & compositions
  10. Different between anaerobic & aerobics
  11. 3 types muscle types
  12. Evaluation techniques
  13. Coaching & mentoring
  14. Supplementation


75% MCQ & 1 assignments

The trainer

Dr Zul holds a PhD in Healthcare management & another PHD in Sports Management. He is a Sports Nutritionist from IFPA & certified ASCA first level.

Introduction to Stata: Data Management & Analysis

Course Sypnosis:

This 12-hour intensive workshop covers all aspects of data management, analysis and basic programming with Stata 12.0 (, one of the most popular multi-purpose statistical software packages that is highly valued by professionals in the healthcare and financial sectors. Participants are also expected to become familiar with many modern statistical methods relevant for economic, social and biomedical research. The course is developed and presented by Stata Users Group (Singapore) and the fees include a perpetual licence of Stata 12.0. Being registered users the participants are able to access to the rich learning resources of Stata and become part of the growing users community. No prior knowledge of Stata and statistical analysis is required. Newton International College is the exclusive partner of Stata Users Group (Singapore), the very first state-registered Stata users organization in the world. The software is delivered by Columbia CP (, the only authorized Stata distributor in Singapore.




Dr SP Chan
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Statistics (equivalent to Associate Professor in U.S. universities)
La Trobe University
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