Diploma in Paralegal Studies – 12 months (Part-Time)
Aims/Objectives of the Course
This 12-month course provides students with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of Paralegal Studies. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to be creative, competent and committed employees in the Paralegal industry.

Expected Outcomes
Students will be able to understand and grasp the fundamentals of the respective subjects and apply this knowledge and understanding of the concepts of the respective subjects in the business and legal environment.

Award Qualification to be awarded by Newton International College
Study Modes Part Time Full Time
Course Duration 12 months 12 months
Total Contact Hours 192 Contact hours 384 Contact hours
Week Schedule 2 times a week – 2 hrs per session (Week Days)1 time a week – 4 hrs (Saturday or Sunday ) Mon – Friday (3hrs / day)
Course Fees SGD 4,260 SGD 4,260
Entry Qualification O Levels or equivalent with credits in English & 2 other humanities subjects
Assessment Mode 100% Examination

All modules
1. Fundamentals of Law
This module examines the fundamental aspect of law including civil law, criminal law, common law and the legislative powers of parliament. It also covers the basic statutes including constitutions.

2. Commercial Law
This module examines the elements of contracts like offer, acceptance consideration and intention to create legal relations. It also offers an insight into breaches and seeking legal advices for breaches.

3. Drafting of contracts, Wills and Estates
This module examines the essential elements into contract, probate and estate administration.

4. Family Law
This module examines the essentials of matrimonial matters, laws relating to divorce and procedural law.

5. Law of Conveyancing
This module examines the fundamentals of laws pertaining to property transfer, property ownership and common issues and legal challenges in these aspects.

6. Law of Tort
This module examines the legalities of causing damage, injury or causing a wrongful act, thereby resulting in a lawsuit for compensatory claims.

7. English for Law & Research
This module identifies the phrases and specific legal vocabulary uses in the legal field words like judicial precedence and stare decisis, tort and actus reus are commonly used in the profession. The research component focuses on the sources, precedents, case studies of judgements which can be studied and used as guidelines for legal cases.

8. Principles of Management
This module focuses on business fundamentals, marketing, accounting, and basic economical business communications for students to have a grasp of the essential subjects.