Newton is the best and I really feel grateful. Since I studied at Newton, It is very useful for me at my workplace. The practical exposure during my course at Newton gave me more confidence to apply in real life situation.
Newton is the best
Thanks to Newton International College


Zoom video lessons were very valuable in developing my writing and study arrangement skills. Mr. Vignesh Nagaraj sir's online zoom class was very lively and his approach was very energetic. His approach made me feel at ease. Which in turn gave me the courage to study what was needed. Diploma Program in Electrical Engineering from Newton International College made my skills more consistent and strong within 6 months. The recording of the online zoom live class of Mr. Vignesh brings progress in each class. I listen to the recordings for both reference and practice. The online zoom, video class is what makes class more fun for all students. Newton delivers the course to students for successful course completion.


I would like to let you all know, if you’re looking forward to develop in your professional career Newton is the right place where you get more practical exposure and real life learning. Newton is one of the best Private Institute in Singapore to get SPass for foreigner workers.
Thanks and Best wishes to Newton International College.


Hello everyone, I am ISLAM MD RASHEDUL. I have completed my Higher Diploma in Facilities Management and (Mechanical & Electrical) Engineering services program from Newton International College in year 2016. Upon completion of my course with good rades, I am very happy to share that I have secured S-Pass and promoted as a Technical Officer. However, due to Covid-19 Pandemic recently I was very worried about new regulations for S pass & E pass since my S pass expiring on Dec 2020. Alhamdulillah my Higher Diploma certificate qualification from Newton College supported my S pass and was excited that it was renewed for 3 years. My higher qualifications are still reflecting Higher Diploma in Facilities Management and (Mechanical & Electrical) engineering services in latest IPA automatically. Very important is I have promoted as Assistant engineer & my basic salary has increased.
I would like to sincerely thank everyone in Newton and my appreciation from bottom of my heart that Newton College reach me and educate me on career development. They gave me an opportunity to graduate the valuable program and made change in my professional and holistic development. Specially thanks to Mr Vignesh, Mr Mani, Mr Pravin and Ms Aishwarya for their valuable guidance and provided technical knowledge during the whole course of the program. Besides their friendly and openness in student services a teaching methodologies are incomparable to other Local institution. Dear my friends/ brothers, you may worry about Newtown College’s certificate. I personally telling you honestly- the college is 20 years’ experience in providing education and all courses are registered by CPE, As long as your company has enough quota and you have the capability for S pass, there are no issues to get S pass. Do your part that is learn every module seriously and concentrate the Learning objectives of your all modules. Hope you will dream comes true and do not forget Newton College.