Newton International College was established in 2001, was set up for the paramount purpose of providing Education to candidates of all races and Nationality. We are specialised in offering a variety of professional courses.

We recognize that students are an individual with unique requirements and we are committed to providing students with the best possible service, both inside and outside the classroom.


To be the preferred educational institution, offering a unique entrepreneurial management education to school leavers and adults.


Our aim is to imbibe knowledge, sustain understanding and prepare our students to acquire a tertiary education. To nurture, build strong minds and character in a holistic and friendly environment, enabling them to become entrepreneurs and leaders in an ever changing world.

Newton International College

To ensure that Newton International College pursues to achieve the vision and mission and translates the values into directives and actions, guidelines or expectations that prescribe the behavior of all members of Newton International College. To nurture and build a culture for a conducive study environment, providing quality educational services for students.

Core Values

1. To be professional working harder towards our goal.

2. To be caring and show care towards one another and students.

3. To be transparent and open.

4. Academic success


Culture of our centre will be a friendly learning environment that seeks to build customer-centric culture among staff as well as promote care for students, determining key customer/students requirements and their ability to study and grasp the subject. Maintaining a professional image to give a positive and favourable perspective to stakeholders. To foster teamwork & enhance efficient communication. Care, creativity and professionalism are also part of our culture.

Academic Board

The Academic Board shall develop and review the policies and procedures on all academic matters of the school, to ensure the academic quality of every course that is provided.

Selvamani PGDip.BA (Chairman)

Sundaram Pravveen

Shanmugam s/o Suppiah LLB, MBA

Examination Board

The Examination Board shall develop examination procedures for the school, the security of examination scripts and answer scripts, conduct of examinations, moderation of examination and handling of appeals.

Selvamani PGDip.BA (Chairman)

Sundaram Pravveen

Shanmugam s/o Suppiah LLB, MBA


Selvamani PGDip.BA (Chairman)

Newton International College

Newton International College was established in 2001.

We are committed to provide a high standard of service to our students by promoting a conducive learning environment through a holistic approach. We have experience and highly qualified teachers/lecturers to teach as well as counsel students. We have a total of 28 qualified and experienced teachers/lecturers. Our teachers are selected based on their subject expertise, experience and dedication.


We have modern classrooms equipped with all necessary equipment and furniture. We have three classrooms at #06-15 ( classroom 1 & 2, 12m 2 each, classroom 3, 33m 2 & capacity of 8,8 & 22) and #06-26, classroom 1, capacity of 24, classroom 2, capacity of 20, classroom 3, capacity of 10.(38m 2, 30m 2, 15m 2)respectively.


Students with doubts may always approach the school administration staffs and managers for any clarifications. We welcome and value your feedback and suggestions to serve you better.


We welcome you to join us for a fruitful learning journey to fulfill your academic goals and aspirations.



Mr. Mani



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